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"Эрудит-лото" на английском языке

Десять вопросов и четыре варианта ответа на каждый. Среди вариантов один верный, остальные - неверные (а зачастую даже придуманные "из головы"). Сможете ли вы определить правильный ответ?

(The quiz was presented at the first Teachers' Club meeting at Anglia, December 11, 2010.)

1. Dogger Bank is:

A) a bank in Dublin

B) a name of a doghouse where Dalmatians are bred

C) an area in the North Sea off the Yorkshire coast

D) a famous stone bench in Central Park, New York, a cult place for the fans of American poet John C. Dogger


2. According to Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture, informal expression for triple jump is:

A) spring, jump, and hop

B) hop, jump, and spring

C) hop, step, and jump

D) think, jump, and greet the audience


3. Pied Piper is associated with the following place:

A) Stockholm (because The Piper is a song on Super Trouper Album by ABBA)

B) Arcadia (because the Greek God Pan lived in Arcadia - and there is a musical instrument called "Pan pipe")

C) Hameln (because the main character in an old fairy story freed the town of Hameln in Germany from rats by playing his pipe)

D) California (because Tom Stewart, teenage American skateboarder who invented the sport of half-pipe, lived in California)


4. According to Wikipedia, in the last verse of Jingle Bells song, the narrator:

A) visits his grandfather and grandmother

B) gets frozen and dies

C) gives advice to a friend to have a good drink at the Christmas Eve

D) gives advice to a friend to pick up some girls and have a good ride


5. Christmas Island belongs to:

A) India

B) Australia

C) the United States

D) Vatican


6. Love shown only for the purpose of gaining a reward, e.g. by a pet hoping for food is called:

A) cupboard love

B) fridge love

C) cellar love

D) microwave oven love


7. A man who runs a pub is called:

A) a landlord

B) a baronet

C) a barrister

D) a bartender


8. A British Reality TV programme in which a group of famous people spend two weeks in a camp in the Australian jungle where they are filmed all the time is called:

A) See How We Are Wasting British Tax-Payers' Money

B) The Last Hero of the British Empire

C) I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

D) Someone Call 911 ASAP Please


9. "False courage acquired by drinking" is the meaning of the following idiom:

A) Irish courage

B) Russian courage

C) Dutch courage

D) French courage


10. Politically correct expression to say that someone is short is:

A) vertically impaired

B) vertically challenged

C) vertically disabled

D) height-special



 1 C (all the other answers are invented and the realia do not exist. Well, in some parallel universe probably... ;) )

 2 C (all the other expressions are fake)

 3 C (the info given at A, B and D is correct but the expression only refers to the character in C)

 4  D (Believe it or not:

Now the ground is white

Go it while you're young,

Take the girls tonight

and sing this sleighing song)

 5 B (a real island in the Indian Ocean)

 6 A (only this expression exists, the others are fake)

 7 D (See Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture)

 8 C (See Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture. Titles A, B and D are perverse fantasies of the quiz author)

 9 C (the other expressions are fake)

10 B (the other expressions are fake, although a number of "politically correct" "terms" include the word "impared"; "disabled" and "special" as they are can also be used as "PC ")


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